Here are upcoming Team CYCLEBREAKER events. Contact the person listed for information or to get involved:

Ride For Hope - Sacramento (Bicycle)

Benefit, Bike, Band, Beer, and BBQ!
15/30/50 Miles along the scenic American River Parkway starting at SacYard Community Taphouse 1725 33rd Street Sacramento, CA 95816. The Ride for Hope Sacramento is an incredible and fun way to be a part of the work Christ's Hope International is doing in Africa! All proceeds from this ride will help care for AIDS affected, orphaned, and vulnerable children. By participating in this ride you will be doing a lot more than just cycling! You are joining the TEAM CYCLEBREAKER movement! CYCLEBREAKERS ride to break the cycle of AIDS, poverty and brokenness in Sub-Saharan Africa! Join Team CYCLEBREAKER today by signing up for the Ride For Hope Sacramento!

Register now at 

Ride for Hope Lake Victoria (Bicycle)

April 18 - 28, 2020 

300 kilometers, 2 countries, 1 HOPE!
Start your training - it's back! In follow up to our amazing experience in 2017, we are going to be once again ride in Africa to raise funds for Christ's Hope's work. Our plan is to ride from our CarePoint in Eden Park, South Africa all the way to the CarePoint in Siteki, Eswatini. You will meet the amazing children of our Ministry CarePoints and the incredible staff who work each day to help our children become CYCLEBREAKERS!

CONTACT: Allie Troutman at or call 877-544-0914 ext 5

upcoming Events

Our plan is to keep growing this idea of Team CYCLEBREAKER. Really...who doesn't want to be on the team? We are working on a new Peer-to-Peer Fundraising platform that will provide you with great tools that you can use to get your friends excited about raising funds to support the work of Christ's Hope International.

CYCLEBREAKERS are those brave young people who make good and right choices and who choose a better future for themselves, their spouses and their children. Those choices help them to be responsible for the generation they create and to break the cycle of AIDS and poverty in their lives. Christ's Hope International works to equip children to become CYCLEBREAKERS in their communities through our Genesis Design teaching and through our Ministry CarePoints.

what's a cyclebreaker?

Team CYCLEBREAKER is more than a cycling team... It is a movement. Anyone who supports the work of Christ's Hope International in caring for AIDS affected children is on the team! There are countless ways to get involved - as a Child Sponsor, as a Ministry CarePoint Champion, as a runner or cyclist raising funds for Christ's Hope through a peer-to-peer effort. You can participate on a short-term mission team through your church or simply make a donation to the cause. There are an infinite number of ways to support the work of Christ's Hope and to become a member of the team!

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